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    Two-Plate Injection Molding Machine

    • SFT Series

    • MFGSP

    • 8474809090

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    Vertical two plate injection molding machine:Ultra low workbench


    Low body

    The two cylinder three cylinder/four cylinder direct lock two plate locking structure effectively reduces the height of the workbench and the entire machine, solving the problem of low room cannot enter. Ultra low worktable design for easy operation, eliminating the need for workers to move up and down, resulting in wasted work hours

    Large capacity mold

    Super large mold size, suitable for large-scale product manufacturing, such as car front windshield, etc., using a single sliding plate structure to keep operators away from the mold locking area, making it safer to use!

    High precision

    The injection cylinder adopts a fully closed loop system, with pressure and flow fully closed loop control, which has extremely high repeatability and control accuracy, ensuring fast, accurate and stable injection!

    Low energy consumption

    The application of servo energy-saving system can save up to 71% of electricity!

    The biggest characteristic of FTA and FTB is that the structure of the low workbench is different:

    FTA adopts a four cylinder direct lock structure

    FTB is a modular combination (i.e. a standard modular cylinder combination)

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