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    About Us
    Established in 1992, SUPERIOR MACHINERY has been engaging in the rubber and plastic molding machinery industry for 30 years. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the principle of "quality as priority, reputation as importance and service as sincerity". With increasing market share, it has gotten established in the fields of high-quality fully hardened screw and bimetallic barrel products that are super resistant to wear, corrosion, high pressure, and high speed.With a strong technical team composed of field elites and professional consultants, SUPERIOR MACHINERY centers on talents and technologies. We always focus on industry development, provide qualified service for customers with our excellent technologies, and safeguard customers’ maximum benefit while providing them with latest products. The company takes high precision products as its core competitiveness, and has formed its integrated eco-system consisting of technology upgrade, R&D and manufacturing, and business synergy. At the same time, it provides solutions, OEM, ODM and after-sales service for the projects, taking lead in the industry.
    Every innovation shows the pursuit of technology and value, and every model of product represents the adherence to the brand and obsession with details. Through the study of technological innovations and changes in market demand with the team's specialized knowledge, the company has been constantly innovated and adjusted its business scope. Based on the plastic machinery parts barrel and screw business, we have increased investment in the research and development of plastic machinery technology products manufacturing.
    Since 2000, we have launched the Complete Machine Production Line, Dehumidification and Drying series, Material Conveying series, Hot and Cold Temperature Control series, Crushing and Recycling series, Material Mixing series, Automation Equipment, Molds, Accessories and other products. We remain competent in the market.
    Situated in Ningbo, a city of culture and a gateway to the world, SUPERIOR MACHINERY pursues the ultimate quality of material and product, and always looks forward to becoming your most trusted and reliable partner!
    Who We Are

    • 1992
      Our company was founded in 1992 with just a few pieces of equipment. Over time, our business expanded, and we developed from a small startup to a modern production base covering an area of 50,000 square feet.
    • 2000
      In 2000, we started selling plastic machinery parts and auxiliary equipment to customers worldwide. This marked a turning point for our business, and helped us establish a foothold in global markets.
    • 2019
      In 2019, we continued to expand our business and established sales departments in Italy and Colombia to better serve customers in these regions.
    • 2023
      Moving forward to today, we remain committed to continuous innovation and technological advancement to meet the demands of our customers for high-quality plastic machinery parts and auxiliary equipment. We will continue to improve our product quality and service levels to support the sustained growth and development of our company.

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