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    The Liquid Feeder with Pre Heating Solution And Explosion-proof Function

    • MF Series

    • MFGSP

    • 8428399000

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    The liquid material in the feeding range of 1-2000KG/H low viscosity required heating insulaticon for liquid feeder with pre heating solution and explosion-proof function, control precision is ±0.5%

    Product features:

    Oil bath thermal insulation (water), self cleaning function, can be filled with nitrogen explosion proof, high precision imported gear pump with a heat insulation, import fog nozzle, pump body and pump head jacket insulation;

    Heating mode:

    Electric heating (100 degrees 50-150 degrees, heat conducting oil heating with explosion-proof function) or mold temperature controller and heating (heat conducting medium is water, 100 degrees below the temperature with explosion-proof function)

    Applicable Materials

    Pure water, flame retardants, lubricants, antioxidants, antistatic agents and other liquids.


    Normal temperature ~ maximum 120 ℃ heat preservation

    Maximum Supply Hydraulic Pressure

    7MPa (gear pump), 15MPa (piston pump)


    ModelFlow rangeMetering Tank CapacityWeighingProduct weightPower Supply
    MF-L-10.5-10kg/h25L25kgabout 120kgAC380V 3Phase
    Power 1.5-4.5KVA
    Heater 2KVA
    MF-L-210-100kg/h50L50kgabout 150kg
    MF-L-350-200kg/h100L100kgabout 210kgAC380V 3Phase
    Power 1.5-11KVA
    Heater 3KVA
    MF-L-4100-500kg/h200L200kgabout 250kg

    We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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