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    Silicone rubber sorting machine

    Sales Models: Wholesale, MOQ: One set

    • SMF Series

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    • 8477800000

    • CHINA

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    Product Description

    Silicone rubber sorting machine

    Silicone rubber sorting machine, also known as silica gel machine, plastic sorting machine, is a kind of equipment for removing impurities in the crushed materials of waste plastic products. A dry physical sorting method without waste gas and waste water.

    The silicone machine is used to remove impurities from plastics with different bounce and friction capabilities of different materials. According to different materials, the removal rate of the silicone machine can reach 95%. After the sorting is completed, the clean plastic can be sold.

    The sorting particle size of the silica gel machine is about 20mm, and the general plastic crushing material is also of this size. If the material is relatively large and uneven, it can be crushed by a plastic crusher.

    The silica gel machine is generally used after the bleaching tank. After removing impurities such as metal stones, the plastic is dried by a dryer, and then it can be separated by a silica gel machine.

    Advantages of silicone machine:
    1. The sorting speed is fast and the precision is high
    Using the different physical properties of plastic and silicone rubber for machine sorting, its speed is more than a little faster than manual methods; as a mechanical sorting equipment, the silicone machine not only increases the sorting speed, but also increases the sorting speed. According to different materials and requirements, the removal rate of impurities in plastics can reach 95%. The sorting effect is good.

    2. Simple operation, saving labor
    The operation of the silicone machine is simple and easy to use. It does not need to spend a lot of time on training. The equipment only needs to be controlled and loaded, which saves a lot of workers and costs less.

    3. Automated work
    The silicone machine automatically removes impurities from plastic crushed materials. After providing mixed plastics to the equipment, the equipment automatically separates plastic and rubber impurities and exits them at different outlets. The dryer performs a complete set of automatic operations, and the intermediate conveyor belt is linked.

    4. Pure physical sorting
    Pure physical sorting method, no secondary pollution problem. The plastic impurity removal method of the silicone machine is an environmentally friendly treatment method. Compared with the chemical method, it will not cause harm to the environment, and at the same time, it will not affect the quality of the plastic.

    5. Reasonable structure, the door is open
    The silicone machine adopts the design method of opening the door, which is convenient for the maintenance and troubleshooting of the equipment, which is beneficial to understand the various conditions of the equipment and facilitate the control of the equipment.

    Total power 7Kw
    Sorting ability about1.5-2T/h
    Sorting purity ≥99%
    Power supply condition 220V/380V
    Shape size(without support) 2.5m*2.3m*2.6m

    Detail display:

    图片 8-1

    1. Feeder

    Made of stainless steel, easy to clean and free to move

    图片 8-22. Material elevator

    Reduce labor, evenly feed and seal well, not easy to leak

    图片 8-33. Assembly door

    The equipment is equipped with large two-way doors on all sides, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and repair.

    图片 8-44. The discharge port is retracted

    The discharge port is designed to be retracted, and the discharge direction is concentrated and not scattered.

    Good sorting effect

    Removal rate ≥ 99% or customized according to customer needs In a single pass, silicone, rubber and other debris can be separated at the same time


    Note:Products can be customized as required

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