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    Sheet Die Series

    • P Series

    • MFGSP

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    Product advantages

    Sheet die series P-K1

    Quick opening series die head, upper die lip push-pull fine-tuning, flexible lower die lip can quickly adjust product thickness specifications without stopping, the adjustment range is up to 5mm, with 45 degree throttle rod adjustment device, suitable for the production of PC, PS, PP , PE, PLA and other single-layer or multi-layer sheets.

    Sheet die series P-D1

    The in-mold composite die head can effectively improve the thickness accuracy of each layer through multi-channel in-mold composite. The upper die lip can be fine-tuned, the lower die lip can be fixed and the core layer 45 degree throttle bar adjustment device, suitable for the production of PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA and other multi-layer co-extrusion sheets.

    Sheet Die Series P-C2

    The die head adopts a gradual drop-shaped flat-shoulder flow channel, combined with the triangular shunt technology, and the step-type stable flow effectively eliminates the deformation of the die due to high pressure during the extrusion process. The upper die lip is a manual push-out fine-tuning elastic die lip, which can be adjusted accurately. The flat throttle rod can eliminate material retention and solve the problem of decomposition caused by excessive stay. The lower die lip can be replaced, and the die lip with different openings can be equipped according to different thicknesses. It is suitable for the production of single-layer or multi-layer sheets of PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA, PVC, etc.

    Sheet Die Series P-C1

    Standard coat hanger runner design, adjustable upper die lip, replaceable lower die lip and 45 degree throttle rod device. It is suitable for the production of PVC, PS, PP, PE, PC and other single-layer or multi-layer sheet products with a thickness of 0.8-12mm.

    Sheet die series P-AT1

    The die head is automatically adjusted, and the upper die lip includes an automatic control unit, which is divided into two parts: manual adjustment and automatic adjustment. The manual adjustment range is 1mm. The automatic adjustment range is 300um. Suitable for single-layer and multi-layer sheets or films of different widths such as PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA, etc.

    Sheet die series P-A1

    Standard hanger-type runner design, the upper die lip can be fine-tuned, suitable for the production of PET (APET, PETG) PC.PS. PP, PLA, etc. Single-layer or multi-layer sheet width ≤ 2100mm, thickness 0.14-2mm.

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