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    Plastic Electrostatic Sorter

    Sales Models: Wholesale, MOQ: One set

    • SMF Series

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    • 8477800000

    • CHINA

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    Product Description

    Plastic Electrostatic Sorter

    Plastic electrostatic separator is used for material separation of plastic crushed materials, and adopts dry physical separation method.
    This equipment replaces the traditional separation methods such as flotation, and is a faster and more accurate plastic separation equipment.
    It is suitable for the separation of ABS/PS/submerged PP/flame retardant ABS/flame retardant PS, PET, PVC, PA, PE, PA and other material plastics.

    1. High compatibility, low material requirements, and can adapt to a variety of different plastics. Plastics that cannot be separated by traditional sorting methods such as flotation method can also be easily sorted by electrostatic sorters.

    2. There are many materials in a single sorting, and it can sort 2-4 kinds of plastics at the same time. Compared with the traditional sorting method, the equipment sorting can effectively separate plastics with mixed materials.

    3. The sorting purity is good, the equipment adopts multiple separation modes, and the sorting accuracy is about 99%.

    4. The physical sorting method uses the different charged properties of plastics as the sorting principle, uses the electrostatic separation method, the operation is safe, and there is no discharge of pollutants such as waste gas and waste water, and it is an environmentally friendly separation equipment.

    5. PLC operating system, easy to use and easy to use.

    Applicable to a variety of industries:
    It is suitable for mixed plastics that are difficult to be sorted by various density flotation methods
    It is mainly used in resource recycling and utilization parks, dismantling of waste household appliances, recycling of waste plastics and other industries.
    For example, the material sorting of crushed materials such as TV casings, printer casings, and refrigerator liner.

    Name Plastic Electrostatic Sorter Control System PLC intelligent touch screen operating system
    Supply power 80Kw,380v/50Hz Sorting section Multistage Electrostatic Separation Mode
    Sorting accuracy ≥98% Dry part 20-25Kw dryer*2
    Work capacity 1-3T/h Conveying part 1.1Kw tile bucket elevator*5
    Equipment size
    (without support)
    L9m*W4.5m*H5m Outlet part 1.5Kw tile screw conveying*3
    Good sorting effect
    Adopt multi-stage separation process, the separation purity can reach more than 98%


    Detail display:

    1图片 4-1

    1.PLC control system

    Humanized operation of PLC visual control system

    1图片 4-22.Imported parts

    Some parts have few import failures and long service life

    1图片 4-33.Safe small current

    Safe operation with 2mA safe small current

    1图片 4-4

    4.Even feeding

    The vibrating device is used for uniform conveying and stable operation.

    Note:Products can be customized as required

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