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    Mica Herter

    • YM Series

    • MFGSP

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    Mica Heater Description:

    Stainless steel is used Cr20Ni80 mica heater for heating system in the body around prefabricated good insulator on the mica. Stainless steel skin and metal, tin or Tongpi produced by the thermal conductivity of. Circle plate can be made and other heterosexual products.

    Mica heaters can be manufactured flat or as band heaters and are supplied either as bare mica heaters or encased in specially treated sheath materials. The mica heaters can also be formed to shapes such as L" or "U" sections. Holes and cut outs to customer design can be easily accommodated. Flat Mica heaters must be clamped securely to the surface to be heated. Flat mica and flat sheathed heaters can be manufactured to almost any size. The limiting factors are the design of a suitable element tape and on large heaters, the ability to provide adequate clamping over a large surface area. Band heaters are manufactured in one piece construction up to 12" diameter.


    ModelDimension(mm)Voltage(V)Power(W)Key Technical Indexes
    YM-Φ55X80Φ55 X 802308001 Use condition: environment
       temperature -20 ~ +60℃.
       Relative temperature <80%
    2 Leakage current: <0.5MA
    3 Insulation resistance ≥5M
    4.Ground resistance:<0.1
    5 Voltage resistance:
       no electric breakdown for
        1 minute under 1500V
    6 Temperature endurance : 500℃
    7 Power deviation:+ 5%-10%
    YM-Φ80 X 60Φ80 X 60230775
    YM-Φ58X 43Φ 58X43230250
    YM-Φ90X 51Φ 90X51230300
    YM-Φ 185X51Φ 185X512301100
    YM-Φ 130X66Φ 130X662301000
    YM-Φ165X 66Φ165X662301100
    YM-Φ 160X70Φ 160X702201000
    YM-Φ 230X90Φ 230X902202200
    YM-Φ 154X94Φ154X942201500
    YM-Φ 152X100Φ 152X1002201500
    YM-Φ180X80 Φ180X802201300
    YM-Φ 265X75Φ265X752201500
    YM-Φ90X 190Φ90X 1802201700
    YM- Φ 90 x 60Φ 90X60220550
    YM-Φ 120X80Φ 120X802201100
    YM-Φ190X 135Φ190X 1352203000
    YM-Φ 185x75Φ185X752201500
    YM-Φ280X 48Φ280X482201500
    YM-Φ300X 100Φ 300X1002202500
    YM-Φ320X 100Φ320X 100 2203000
    YM-Φ165X 45Φ165X 45220800
    YM-Φ180X 45Φ180X45220900
    YM-Φ 65X30Φ65X30220200
    YM-Φ 230X45Φ230X452201000
    YM-Φ55X 100 Φ 55X 100 2301000
    YM-Φ80X 70Φ80X 70230650
    YM-Φ 70X70Φ 70X70230600
    YM-Φ85 X 45Φ85 X 45230530
    YM-Φ11OX 100Φ110X 100230150
    YM-Φ 102X 70Φ 102X 70230700
    Note:Other models are available according to your specifications

    Mica Heater Applications:

    ● Plastic injection molding machine

    ●The heating part of the machinehead of hollow shaping machine

    ● The heating system of extrusion machine

    We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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