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    Hermetic Cooling Water Tower

    • SPDC Series

    • MFGSP

    • 8418699090

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    As the clean cooling water is available, it's widely used in the industries with high demands of the cooling water quality, such as the electronic, food, chermical, casting, air conditioner and refrigeration industries. It's able to be applied for mould cooling to reduce the product's molding cycle, which also can be used for equipment cooling to ensure that the equipment is maintained at normal temperature, or other working areas which need cooling.


    ● Modular design and easy capacity expansion help to reduce the

    impact of failure maintenance;

    ● Easy installation: small modular volume, convenient transportation,

    which only needs to connect the power supply and water pipe to put into operation.图片 4(4)

    ● Economic energy saving: take ambient air as the cooling medium

    without the compressor to save the cost, and the whole water loop

    adopts hermetic circulation with little water consumption that greatly saves the resource.

    ● Aluminum air filter that is easy to clean.

    ● Evaporative wet curtain: In the summer, it can directly spray the

    running water to improve the heat exchange efficiency and maintain constant water temperature in the process. The spraying time is unlimited, high efficient and maintenance-free.

    ● Super wide heat exchanger

    ● Equipped with temperature control meter for temperature display at

    any moment;

    Wide type heat exchanger

    ● Equipped with anti-freezing measures and the ambient temperature

    is lower than 5℃, which can drain water automatically.

    Machine Model SPDC-45WS SPDC-90WS Grouping Model Type
    Refrigeration capacity kW 45 90
    Blower n 1 2
    Blower power kW 2.2 4.4 Module combination SPDC-180WS 2×90WS
    Air quantity m³/h 24000 48000
    Max.current A 5 10
    Rated water flow rate m³/h 10 20 SPDC-270WS 3×90WS
    L mm 1774.5 2974.5
    W mm 1804
    H mm 1962 SPDC-360WS 4×90WS
    Water pipe connection mode
    Flange or clamp
    Pipe dimension DN 40 100

    working principleoutline drawing

    We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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