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    Heavy­duty Traversing Servo Robot

    • SHC Series

    • MFGSP

    • 8428904000

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    Performance characteristic:

    •Stable and smooth action,wear resistant and durable.

    •The vertical axis adopted servo moter with accuracy to 0.1mm,high speed,heavyload,to increase production efficiency.Handheld control system adopts conversational operation which can be selected multiple languages view powerful function,and supports many groups of extension input/output to improve the automatic manufacture.

    •Self-diagnostic system continually monitors input/output status and stores recent error message records.

    •It can inspect the air presure automatically,it will alarm when its not safe.

    •The robot has the CE standard complying with EUROMAP or SPI rules and the standard interface forming by the connection between EUROMAP12 or EUROPAP67 and molding machine.


    ModelRobot TypeL.M.M. Rgnge (ton)Vertical Stroke(mm)Crosswise Stroke(mm)Traverse Stroke(mm)Gripper AngleMax Load (includes gripper)   (kg)Minimum take out time   (sec)Cycle time (sec)Drive SystemWorking Air Pressure    (kgf/cm2) Air Consumption(NL)Power Consumption     (KVA)Power SupplyWeight (kg)
    SHC-900W(D)Telescopic type250-320W:900  D:900W:300  D:15014609052.58Z-Servo  X、Y pneumatic 5-7251.5AC220V± 10%(50/60HZ)400
    SHC-1000W(D)320-380W:1000  D:1000W:400  D:2001950103.510281.5430
    SHC-1100W(D)380-470W:1100  D:1100W:400  D:2001950103.510281.5440
    SHC-1200W(D)480-530W:1200  D:1200W:400  D:2002190103.510301.5450
    SHC-1300W(D)550-600W:1300  D:1300W:400  D:2002190103.510321.5460
    SHC-1500W(D)700-800W:1500  D:1500W:400  D:2002300155.0 15402.0 600
    Air Consumption for adsorption system 60NL/min

    We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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