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    Film Die Series

    • SP Series

    • MFGSP

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    Product advantages

    This die  adopts elongated V drop-shaped flow channel, triangular flow splitting technology and special steady flow structure. It can effectively improve the compounding accuracy of each compound layer and reduce the 'M' shape and "W" shape material flow in the extrusion process. 

    The die lip adopts the push-out manual fine-tuning + automatic fine-tuning integrated die lip, the manual adjustment range is ±1mm, and the automatic adjustment range is ±300μm; for the automatic die lip adjustment control part, we use the very advanced fully closed-loop control system and automatic thickness measurement system. , so that the thickness accuracy of the product is within ±2%, and the online thickness gauge automatically detects and scans horizontally at a high frequency without interruption, which can display the thickness tolerance of the product in a very real-time and accurate manner. 

    After the online thickness gauge test data is processed by a computer program, the feedback adjusting bolts for thermal expansion of the special die lip can automatically fine-tune the opening thickness of the die lip, and control the product accuracy quickly and effectively. And our die has good expansibility, and can be equipped with a thick edge removal device according to customer needs. 

    The "Internal Blocking Width Adjusting Device" or "External Blocking Width Adjusting Device" can better meet the possibility of customers producing a variety of wide-width products, and achieve more economical and efficient production. This type of die  is suitable for production of 5000mm ,the following single-layer or multi-layer films of CPP, PE, EVA, PVC, PET, PVB, PA, etc. with a thickness of 0.06-0.18mm.

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