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    Cycloidal Drive

    • SP Series

    • MFGSP

    • CHINA

    • Brand new with guarantee

    • Immediate

    • Depending on specification


    Product Description

    Precision Drive Manufacturer

    ●Redesigned teeth reduce noise and provide smoother operation

    ●Overload capacity up to 500%

    ●Cycloidal tooth profile provides a high contact ratio to withstand overload shocks

    ●Compact size:single ratio available from6:1 to 119:1,double stage up to 7569:1& triple stage up to almost 1000000:1

    ●Ideal for dynamic applications: frequent start-stop-reversing duties suits for cyclo speed reducer since inertia is low

    ● Reduced TCO:high reliability,long life,minimal maintenance compared to conventional gearboxes

    ●Internal parts replaceable with other brands to ensure 24-7running

    ● Grease Lubricated & Oil Lubricated Models Available

    ● Output Shaft Rotation Direction: Single Reduction: Clockwise Rotation;Double Reduction→ Counter Clockwise Rotation

    ● Ambient Conditions: Indoor Installation:10-40 Celsius,Max85% Humidity, Under 1000m Altitude, Well Ventilated Environment, Free of corrosive,explosive gases, vapors and dust

    ● Slow Speed Shaft Direction: Horizontal, Vertical Up& Down, Universal Direction

    ●  Mounting Style: Foot Mount,Flange Mount &VerticalF-flange Mount,

    ●  Input Connection: Cyclo Integral Motor,Hollow Input Shaft Adapter,C-face Adapter,Top Mount, Shovel Bases

    ● Frame Size:607-627


    ●  Coupling Method With Driven Machine: Coupling, Gears,Chain Sprocket Or Belt

    ● Teco Cyclo Motor Capacity Range:0.2kW X4p~75kWX4p;15kWX6p~132kWX6p

    Need help? Call our award-winning support team mfgsp@superior-machinery.com
    If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7.
    We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

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