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    Supersonic flame is a high-temperature, high-speed combustion flame, generated by burning propane, propylene and other hydrocarbon-based gas or hydrogen and high-pressure oxygen in the combustion chamber, or in a special nozzle. And the speed of flame can reach Mach 5 (1500m/s. ) or above, commonly referred as HVOF (High-velocityoxygen-fuel). By feeding the powder axially into the flame, which could heat the sprayed particles to a molten or semi-molten state, and then accelerate up to 300-500m/s or more,  the high-strength, dense and high-quality coatings could then be obtained. The supersonic flame has high speed but low temperature relatively. For WC-Co cemented carbide, it can effectively inhibit the decomposition of WC during the spraying process. So that not only the high bonding strength, the coating is also of high dense and excellent wear resistance. Its wear resistance greatly exceeds that of plasma spray coating, electroplated hard chromium layer or spray melt layer, and is equivalent to that of explosive spray coating. The flame is widely used in producing single-screw and twin-screw, and has been affirmed in actual use.

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