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    Advantages of a central feeding system

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    The central feeding system is a comprehensive solution designed to achieve centralized feeding and centralized control, enabling unmanned and uninterrupted operation throughout the factory, based on the arrangement of the customer's on-site machines and the usage of on-site raw materials, combined with unique auxiliary equipment.

    The system uses industrial computers to automatically control all machines, achieving 24-hour continuous feeding of all feeding units. With the special functions of each machine in the system, it can perfectly meet special requirements such as dehumidification, drying, conveying, metering, and mixing of raw materials. The central feeding system has multiple monitoring and protection functions, ensuring safety and reliability, and is the core premise for enterprises to achieve unmanned factories.

    For the transportation of raw materials in the workshop and the overall planning of the factory, we provide customers with comprehensive planning and design solutions. From raw material granulation, storage, metering, mixing, dehumidification, drying, to metering and mixing, and finally transported to the forming machine through wind pumps, we achieve modern workshop management. We insist on using high-quality cables and imported electrical components to ensure the stability of the system equipment for quality control.

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